Torbay Film Club

Waste Land

7.30pm, Thursday 3rd January 2019

An uplifting feature documentary highlighting the transformative power of art and the beauty of the human spirit.

Director: Lucy Walker, Karen Harley

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

7.30pm, Thursday 7th February 2019

A romance sparks between a young actor and a Hollywood leading lady.

Director: Paul McGuigan

The Red Turtle

7.30pm Thursday 7th March 2019

A man is shipwrecked on a deserted island and encounters a red turtle, which changes his life.

Director: Michael Dudok de Wit

Daughter of Keltoum

7.30pm, Thursday 4th April 2019

An extraordinary story of a young woman raised in Switzerland who travels back to Algeria.

Director: Mehdi Charef

In Love with Alma Cogan

7.30pm, Friday 3rd May 2019

This gentle romantic comedy tells the story of Norman, the manager of the theatre on the pier at a once grand East Coast holiday resort.

Director: Tony Britten

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