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We are always looking for additional volunteers who have some time to spare and would like to get involved.  If you would like to get involved please don't heistate to contact us by email or the contact form.

Meet the Torbay Film Club committee:

Christine Pattison - Treasurer

As a retired Chartered Accountant with many years professional experience, Christine is a real gem for managing all our club's finances.  This includes the records, budget and ensuring our accounts are reviewed annually by a professionally qualified independent examiner.

'I was introduced to foreign and independent films as a youngster, at the Cameo cinema during the Edinburgh International Film Festival and especially enjoyed Fernandel and Jaques Tati. Recent films that have interested and entertained me are The Painted Veil, Amelie and films featuring Daniel Auteuil.'

David Burbury - Website Manager

David manages the website and facebook page. He works full time as a website designer for a company based in Torquay. David is an enthusiastic creative individual with a passion for digital media. He is also very interested in film and animation, not just watching them but how they are made, particularly the visual effects and animation industry. 'My dream job is to one day work for Pixar Animation Studios as a Character Animator. One of my favourite animated films is Spirited Away, I was blown away by the animation and amount of detail in each scene. My favourite Pixar films are Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Ratatouille, and The Incredibles, oh and Up... actually all of them are pretty good!! Favourite film is Amelie.

Isobelle Belcher - Chair/Front of House Manager

Isobelle manages the Front of House at our screening events, including the membership process, printed materials and displays.  She has also recruited several members of today's management committee.  As a qualified manager, with a background in management and a current team of up to 15 staff in her day job, we are happy to have her management comms. talent.
'My worst film experience was actually the only film I have ever wanted to leave half way through. It was ‘The Grinch’ with Jim Carey but I was next to the wall at end of long, long row of children and couldn’t get out. I can’t think why I had even gone other than it was winter in Guernsey and had been raining for weeks and it was a last resort to fill an external Sunday. You take what you can get on the Island!'

Kevin Ryland - Film Booking Manager

With 35+ years experience teaching English as a foreign language to Director of Studies level and a vast knowedge of movies, Kevin is the movie brains of our team and also our booking co-ordinator.  Coming from a family of film directors, writers and artists (including Grandfather: Director Norman Lee) he was also the runner-up in 2010's BBC Counterpoint music quiz, missing out on the title by just one point!

'I can remember the excitement of seeing Kubrick's "2001" in Cinerama at a long-defunct London cinema back in '69. Wow!  I have fond memories of seeing George Stevens's beautiful western "Shane" when I was a child, something that got me hooked on cinema.  Worst film experience? The tedious "Les Carabiniers" which is Jean-Luc Godard at his most mind-numbingly political.'

Nadege Rebuffie - Secretary/Technical Manager

Nadege is our degree-qualified engineer, currently working on Telecommunication projects in several European countries.  So she is incredibly qualified to also manage our technical equipment set-up and secretarial duties.

While at university, she was part of a project group writing, filming and producing  a short 10-minute documentary on the transition a university graduate makes into professional life.  'For my 16th birthday, my sister offers me "La vita é bella" (life is wonderful) I simply couldn't stop crying at the end of it... Since then, I'm fond of foreign and independent movies and I am fascinated by the work and talent of the people who made them. The movies I really enjoyed these last years were Persepolis and Volver, and I recommend them to anybody who hasn't seen them yet!'

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